Theraupeutic Uses of Aloe

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Can I easily grow Aloe from seed?

Theraupeutic Uses of Aloe

Having over 2000 years of written history behind it as
an aid for skin problems, aloe is one of nature's
most well-known herbal remedies. However, there are
other uses for this wonderful plant.

Use for abrasions, cuts, scrapes, burns.
Use for arthritis, asthma, bedsores, bronchitis,
bruises, bug bites, dry skin, frostbite, mouth ulcers,
and some folklore says it can be used well to treat
acne, anemia, blindness, coughing, dry eyes, eczema,
hemorrhoids, psoriasis, and sunburn, among other

Gel from freshly snapped leaves soothes pain by dilating capillaries, stimulating the blood flow to wounds and burns. Aloe encourages healing between cell tissues, as well. Some people drink a tonic to aid digestion.



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