Natural Insecticides

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How can I rid my herb garden of pests without using chemicals?

Natural Insecticides

There are some very powerful insecticides on the market, which will all attack these pests nicely.
However, they are also quite toxic, and I recommend against using any of them.
Instead, try using something made from nature itself,
such as pyrethrum spray, made from daisies, which is quite effective yet completely nontoxic for mammals.
It will harm fish and birds, however, so please don't use pyrethrum spray near these types of pets.
Insecticide soaps are wonderful organic pest controllers, and cause no harm to anyone, fish and birds included.
The key to using these soaps is to be aware that they must be sprayed onto the plants very, very thoroughly, and very, very regularly, to be effective.
Even ordinary household dish soap that has been diluted in warm water will kill many garden pests if sprayed very completely
over the leaves of your plants.



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