Thinning Your Plants

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Should I thin my plants after they start growing?

Thinning Your Plants

Once your herbs begin to sprout, if they get too
crowded in your little pots, thin them out. You can
buy "peat pots", which can then be planted directly
in the ground or your larger containers, to replant
the transplanted sproutings in. This is a very good
way to go about thinning your plants, it won't disturb
the important roots of the plant, and you'll benefit
by having more of what you want; herbs!



10/19/2009 6:31:18 PM
Valerie said:

My basil is growing out of the pot but, it isn't very tall yet. I want to thin it into two separate pots. Any tips on the way to do this without harming my basil. Thanks


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