Edible vs. Flavorful

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Can I eat any flowers I happen to find?

Edible vs. Flavorful

Understand that just because a flower may be edible,
it may not be something you'd like on your salad.
African marigolds are edible but you wouldn't want
them on a salad! The same goes for fuschia blossoms,
lovely, but awful. Use small quantities of any blossoms
you end up using. A few petals of chive blossoms is
great, but the entire flower would be grimace-inducing
to try to eat at once! A sliver of a red tulip petal is
delicious (tastes like a raw pea) and just lovely on a salad
plate, but an entire flower? Yuck! Unless you want
to taste an overwhelming pea flavor. Usually smaller is better.



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