Choosing Between Brands

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Can I take any herbal health remedy?

Choosing Between Brands

1. Whole plant or extract? It depends on which herb
you're buying and what you're going to use it for.
For instance, the root of the herb Echinacea, which is
used to help fight colds, is where the more concentrated
compounds are found. The root is more expensive, however.
If you see a label that states the ingredient is
"echinacea herb" or "horsetail herb", that means
the supplement is made from not only the root, but
also the above ground parts of the plant, and therefore
will be less effective.

2. Always try to find organically grown herbs.

3. The closer to your location that the plant was
grown, the fresher it will be when you get it, usually.

4. Look for "active ingredient", and compare labels.
How many pills will you need to take per day of one
or another? This will affect the cost considerably.

5. Safety sealed bottles, and expiration dates, or
do not purchase it.

6. Look for the company's information such as address,
telephone number, etc.



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