Mixed Formula Vs. Single Herb Product

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How can I choose herbal supplements wisely?

Mixed Formula Vs. Single Herb Product

Here are some things to ponder when purchasing your
herbal health supplements.

Quite often when buying formulas, and especially if you're new to purchasing herbal supplements, it's difficult to distinguish between each brands ingredients and the amounts of the specific herbs you're looking for.

Best advice? Stay with a brand you know and trust. If you aren't sure, ask a trusted friend or physician or herbalist for advice. Quality is everything.

The label on a bottle of single herbs is going to be much easier to understand than a bottle listing many ingredients that you may or may not even want to use.

If you know exactly what's causing your problem, and it's not a serious, life-threatening ailment, and you know specifically which herb or herbs you will need to buy, as well as the fact that you are not allergic to the herbs needed, then buying a formula may be a good idea.

Be sure to read the label, as always! How much of the herbs that you need are actually in that bottle? Is one ingredient in short supply, while another too large? Most brands differ in the amounts of actual herbal product inside the bottle. Is it the part of the plant that you know is best to treat your condition? Be sure to find an expiration date. If there is no expiration date on the bottle, do NOT buy it, as it could be years old already, and poor product labelling reflects shoddy product.

Formulas can be a very easy and efficient means of taking an herbal remedy. Formulas have the added benefit of the effect of more than one herb working together at once, in a single tablet or capsule dose, and can cost less than buying bottle after bottle of singles.

Single herbs definitely are easier to purchase, however, and you have more control over amounts, exactly which herbs you're taking, etc. Formulas are easier to take, with less control over ingredients.

If you can find the right formula that works for you, it's probably going to be the most cost and health efficient.



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