What is an Herbal Pillow?

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How can I make my own herbal bath at home?

What is an Herbal Pillow?

Herbal pillows have been used for ages as an aid to good health, as beauty treatments, as dream makers, as just about anything you can think of.

As you sleep, the aroma of the herbs you've chosen surround you, and create a relaxing and, as some will say, dream inducing sleep.

Make your own herbal pillows by using:
A plain cotton pillowcase (inexpensive, as some herbs will stain)
A nice pillowcase to cover the plain cotton one
Loose herbs, essential oils

Drop the herbs of your choice into the cotton pillowcase and sew it shut. Cover it with the 2nd pillowcase and that's it!

Use herbal pillows next to your regular sleeping pillow, or under it. Leave it in your bed all day and when you retire your dreams will be surrounded with the herbal aromas.



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